About Riddell Estate

The Story of a Scottish Country Estate

Riddell’s story begins in 1116 when King David 1st of Scotland granted the lands of Wester Lilliesleaf to Walter de Ridale, the Sheriffe of Roxburgh, for Knightly Service. These lands led to the formation of the Estate which remained the property of the Riddell family, descendants of the de Ridales until 1823.

In 1823 Riddell Estate was purchased by the Sprot family – originally merchants from Edinburgh – whom the current owners, Andrew Grant and his wife Virginia, are directly descended.

Important features of the original built and natural heritage have been preserved. These include the General’s Tower (1885); Motte and Bailey (ancient monument) preservation and beautiful bridges reaching across the River Ale.

Riddell Estate Bridge crossing Ale Water River

Many individuals with historical ties to the estate demonstrate a strong interest in the contribution their ancestors made to its journey through history to the present day.

Every year people from all over the world visit Riddell to experience its unique blend of natural beauty, ancient history, genealogy and heritage. A community of interest in the Estate is building worldwide. We welcome you to join us both on line and by visiting to see for yourself.