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Riddell has been featured in High Life North.

“…Designed to provide the epitome of comfort, elegance and relaxation, Riddell House is one of the best places to stay in Scotland…”




Doors Open Days 2022


4th September 2022, as part of Doors Open Days 2022

The Estate of Riddell dates from the early 12th century. The 19th Century General’s Tower stands at the site of the original Norman Motte and Bailey Fort. The final stone fortification sited here was destroyed by the Earl of Hertford in 1545. The mansion house was burnt down in 1943. It was originally a peel tower built in the early 16th century. The original peel tower was burnt down in Border Reiving raid circa 1607. The General’s tower and ruined mansion house are located in an area known as the Riddell Wild Garden which hosts a rich variety of tree and plant species.

Enjoy a guided tour of the Riddell Wild Garden and General’s Tower.


Little Turk Goes Wild – Written & Illustrated by Virginia Grant

Little Turk Goes Wild

Written & Illustrated by Virginia Grant

The story of Little Turk was inspired by a small flock of wild turkeys which strayed onto our farm in Scotland one year in early autumn. All the farm animals were intrigued by their elaborate, colourful plumage and eccentric behaviour. The turkeys would visit most days and then return to roost in the Wild Wood at night. One young turkey was particularly inquisitive and developed a fascination for the horses, following them everywhere. He clearly wanted to live among the farmyard animals. This story tells the tale of the young turkey’s eventual return to the wild. To know more about the book and to get your copy, please visit Austin & Macauley here >