Riddell Roots Project

The wooded area that extends from the ruin to the site of the Tower preserves many of the features of the original designed landscape and contains some magnificent examples of tree and plant species. This is the site of the ‘Roots at Riddell' project the long term aim of which is to create connections to people who have an interest in the Estate by involving them in the renaissance of the former ‘wild garden and arboretum. This species rich site is a highly bio-diverse natural environment. Offering abundant sources of fresh water from underground springs and close proximity to the nearby Ale water river, it is a fertile homeland to roe deer, red squirrels, badgers and many native birds such as wood peckers and herons. These woodlands provide shelter from the elements, a sanctuary and a wildlife ‘corridor' to other wooded areas of the estate. In the spring time the woodland is carpeted in snowdrops, aconites and bluebells.