Riddell Estate was gifted to Walter de Rydale, Sheriffe of Roxburgh, in 1116 by King David 1st of Scotland for Knightly Service. The Estate remained the property of the Riddell family, direct descendants of Walter de Rydale, until well into the 19th century. In 1823 Riddell Estate was purchased by the Sprot family from whom the current owners, Andrew and Virginia Grant, are directly descended.

Every year people, whose ancestors or family members are connected to the Estate, visit Riddell to experience what the Estate has to offer in terms of history, genealogy, heritage and natural beauty. A community of interest in the Estate is building and this web site is intended to provide an insight into the multi-faceted nature of this unique rural Estate.

Riddell is a diversified agricultural estate which extends to 1,748 acres and produces high quality organic lamb, beef, forage, arable and forestry crops. Non agricultural enterprises include residential and sporting lets. In recent years the estate has built a strong reputation as a sporting estate (link to Riddell Shoot and Clerklands Loch).

Maintaining close ties with the local community, Riddell hosts a range of community and charitable activities, providing a sports field for the village of Lilliesleaf and educational facilities for the Borders College. In addition it is home to many individuals and families both those who work on the estate and estate tenants.

Riddell has also developed as a species rich, bio-diverse natural environment. The magnificent woodlands and forestry frame the diverse landscape which includes hills, valleys, river, lochs, wetlands, grasslands and panoramic views of the Border countryside spanning the Eildon Hills, Berwickshire and the Cheviot Hills on the English border.

Many features of the original built and natural heritage have been preserved. At the same time the landscape demonstrates that there is a strong emphasis on continually introducing new methods to ensure that the Estate remains sustainable for future generations.